PHC Full Spectrum Tinctures


    Paradise Hemp Co's Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures  100% Tennessee Product! Grown in Tennessee by Tennessee farmers, & Processed in Murfreesboro, TN.   Only the highest standards in extraction using CO2...

    Paradise D8/D9 Tinctures


    Paradise Hemp Co's THC Tinctures   100% Hemp-Derived Delta-8 THC Tincture Infused with a carefully balanced terpene blend of Citrus terpenes (Pineapple Express & Slurricane). This tincture is sure to...

    PHC 150mg Cat Tincture


    CBD Oil for Cats 150mg - 30ml Bottle in Alaskan Salmon Oil & infused w/Organic Catnip Extract!   Suggested Serving: 1mg per 10lbs of weight (approximately 5 drops) Ingredients: 100%...

    3CHI CBN Oil


    Introducing 3Chi's CBN Tincture, a remarkable addition to their collection of high-quality cannabinoid products. Designed to promote relaxation and restful sleep, this CBN-infused tincture is perfect for those seeking a...

    PHC Broad Spectrum Tinctures


    Paradise Hemp Co's THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures  Only the highest standards in extraction using CO2 & priced fairly. This is for those who need a THC-Free option, we have what...

    PHC 600mg Pet Tincture


    Paradise Hemp Co's CBD for PETS in 100% Alaskan Salmon Oil!   THC-Free & Safe for ALL Pets!! 600mg per 30ml Bottle  Contains only Natural Ingredients: 100% Pure Alaskan Salmon...

    FX CBD Mushroom Tinctures


    FX CBD's Focus Blend Mushroom Tincture + CBG + CBD (2000mg) is a powerful blend of broad-spectrum CBD and CBG, along with cordyceps, lion's mane, and chaga mushrooms. This organic,...

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